12 refugees arrived in Bari. Eight are children



“Eight children and four adults have just arrived in Puglia from Ukraine”. This is what was declared by the President of the Puglia region regarding the Apulian mission, thanks to which four mothers and eight children who fled Ukraine were rescued today.

“Four children need treatment at the hospital and will be admitted to Giovanni XXIII with their mothers – Emiliano continued – the transfer operation by plane was successful: our staff, led by Dr. Felice Spaccavento and composed by nurse Giuseppina Muggeo and the cultural mediator for The Puglia region Karina Pershyna, took off this morning from Bari in Poland, near the border with Ukraine, to pick them up. We are ready to give them all the care and help they need. I thank all those who are on work to provide support and welcome ”- he concluded.

Going into detail, an ATR42 from Catania’s Coast Guard left Bari this morning at. 9.30 towards Rzesow Airport in Poland, about 70 km from the border with Ukraine, then departing again in the early afternoon and landing at 5.30 pm at Bari-Palese Airport, with the group of 12 refugees on board. Together with the resuscitation manager Felice Spaccavento, who followed the operation in terms of health aspects, especially to the first checks on women’s and children’s health and, as soon as they arrived in Bari, the performance of anti-Covid vaccinations, there they were the nurse Giuseppina Muggeo and the cultural mediator in the Puglia region Karina Pershyna.

The mission was carried out in coordination with the 118 Territorial Emergency Services, for the necessary transfers, and with the Bari Polyclinic, which will take care of the care to be given to four young Ukrainians due to their fragile condition at Giovanni Hospital XXIII. The four young patients aged 10 to 16 years with diabetic pathology were admitted to the Department of Metabolic Diseases at Giovanni XXIII Pediatric Hospital and assisted by diabetic specialists in the Department of Maurizio Delvecchio and Elvira Piccinno. Their mothers and one of the patients’ little sister were also hospitalized with them to prevent her from staying away from her mother. The remaining minors will host two communities, in Molfetta and Barletta.

“It was one of the most touching experiences of my life – said Felice Spaccavento – I saw in their eyes the fear, the fear, the drama of the war that was there, a few kilometers away. I am proud to have taken my team with from Puglia and to be able to recover these children who may finally be able to smile a little more despite what they have suffered “, he concluded. Words repeated by the health director of the Giovanni XXIII unit Livio Melpignano, who welcomed the children who had just arrived at the hospital.

“So far, we have guaranteed assistance and specialized care for 9 young patients from Ukraine,” he explained. pediatric hospital represents a certain point of reference in the treatment of minors for the regional health system ”- he concluded.

“I thank our operators – declared Antonio Sanguedolce general manager Asl Bari – who even on this extraordinary occasion were very ready to lend their work in such a complex international theater. ASL Bari is and will remain available to the regional health system to offer assistance to Ukrainian refugees, at every opportunity that arises and with all the necessary facilities and staff “- he concluded. of psychologists will follow the little patients and mothers from Ukraine.

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